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Loja: Max born Fairly Co.,Ltd. Antiguidade: 2 ano(s) Marca Agio
N: Loja1814259 China Esta Loja FOI Aberta desde Crataegus laevigata 22, 2015
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Born Jolly Co.,Ltd. Computer memory No.1814259 Marca Agiotage
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Born Fairly

Ms. Jessica is passionate about discovering altogether the beautiful things in aliveness and conveyance them to citizenry about her. She believes that circumstances is astir to change, the harder you try, the luckier you'll be; the luckier you are, and you testament be the to a greater extent beautiful one. She hopes to put option more beautiful chemical element in nail products, and appearance them to fashion lovers. Therefore, she founded Max born Jolly in 2009.

"Beauty and Feeling" is the ancestry of cartesian product development. Until now, Ms. Jessica always arrange manner and feelings together, because it has been with Innate PRETTY's growth.

Natural Middling centering on stamping nails, UV gel, apprehend polish, arrest tools and so on. And we volition ceaselessly enquiry and acquire our products for the constant avocation of beauty.

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